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Operation, communication, co-ordination, strategic processes.
What is it about process ownership?
Vega's approach to the process delivery loop is simplistic and we are committed to becoming totally process oriented.
Most importantly, we strengthen our process delivery methods with a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) coming into effect on a project-by-project basis.
Our Processes.
Operation, communication, co-ordination, strategic processes.
The purpose of the PMP
Seeing that the particulars of various projects can differ, our approach and work implementation are balanced appropriately.
The Project Management Plan addresses the quality, OHS and environmental specifications expected by each one of our clients, in various circumstances.
If you are particular about the details, we are meticulous about those same details. Everyone at Vega is held accountable for this process and its workflow.
Here’s how it all works
On the management level, we are concerned with keeping our company focused, according to its vision & philosophy.
We also play the role of communicating strategic knowledge throughout Vega, all derived from past project experiences with suppliers and clients alike.
We therefore make sure we coordinate, communicate and design processes based on the needs of our clients.

On the operation level, our operation taskforce is another important business unit within Vega. The taskforce is organised around day-to-day operational processes. From the time we receive a job order to project completion, we rely on a set of rules and procedures for successful outcomes.

We call this a shift to people power. When information flows freely within Vega at every level, you will be within our real-time circle. And for us, real-time is ideal for project management, planning and budgeting.
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