Vegagroup is your resourceful partner in building and maintenance.  
We’ve got the Essence & Essentials to make a positive difference to your business. We encourage you to measure our worth to you every business day.   Click the Vegagroup logo to return to the homepage.
Vegagroup has the Essence & Essentials. Front row: Charlie, Aman, Hayat, Johnny, Adam & Naji. Middle row: Steve, Uma, Louis, Edy, Joe, Nick, Elie & James. Back row: Amin, Naeem, Joe, Yam & Evin.
Business with Vegagroup
Today's Vegagroup is an Australian business success story with a script continuously in the making and burgeoning.
And a script usually has heroes and characters, people who play their part, believing in their roles and purpose in shaping the business. People who train themselves to listen to customer needs and respond with urgency and determination. People who understand the demands of the building and maintenance industry and recognise that growth and success can simply be achieved by embracing the concept of service without compromise.
Success with character
We are talking about our people, our heroes. The partners on the road to success.
We are also talking about achieving success while keeping our character, the essence of who we are since our company was founded.

And the journey is still in the beginning; at least that's how we feel today. And that's sort of true, for the day we stop inventing ourselves, attracting and serving your business with a determined attitude, is the day we should fold the books and call it quits. Don't you agree?

The business factor in our personality
Identity Operating from Sydney, Vegagroup provides quality, fast paced construction & building services to the commercial sector.
We operate in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.
Age   We served the industry since 1989.
Objective   Vegagroup is a resourceful company in building & maintenance. We work hard to become the most preferred service provider in Australia.
How are we going to get there?   We cultivate accumulated but useful knowledge for goodwill creation.
Characteristics   Energetic and determined.
Weaknesses   We fear nothing but fear itself.
How to spot us?   Especially visible due to 24 hours activities.
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