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Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Projects | News Blog 2010.
Projects | News blogcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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February 2010
Client:QSR Pty Ltd
Project Management:Beraldo Design
Brief:Full restaurant refurbishment
Info:KFC Armidale is one of many KFC restaurants undergoing the famous 10 year remodel.
So what does it involve? Basically the old store is completely stripped out of existing fixtures, furnishings, fittings & kitchen machineries. The clearing out process consumed almost two weeks involving various teams of tradespeople, dismantling & making all areas safe in readiness for the upgrade.
The timeline allowed for 6 weeks to handover. Our self set challenge was to successfully complete the project in 4 weeks, fully 2 weeks before official handover.
Armidale is situated in the heart of the New England Tablelands, located midway between Sydney and Brisbane on the New England Highway, and two and a half hours from the Coast. For a project of such a magnitude, a lot of pre-construction planning took place in preparation for the day of commencement. Taking in consideration its distant location from Sydney with 6 hours travel time, the grounding centered on the logistical aspects, from the daily supply of materials, to the site management of over 15 different trades.
The gearing up process was exciting and rewarding. Various special mini functional teams each with its own direction, all commandeered into action by the site supervisor, and supported by operations from Vegagroup headoffice.
Moreover, our channel of communication was constantly open with the Beraldo Design team for an up-to-date feedback on progress.
Vegagroup set-up camp made up of support channels to keep the supply route constant. In Sydney, you take for granted the accessibility to raw materials on a day-to-day basis, as opposed to replenishing required items from local hardware shops, especially in terms of availability and costs. However, we decided to rely on few local tradespeople; Stainless steel installers, electricians, roofers and joinery makers who provided great quality work and solid reliability; many kudos for them and especially to Robert Plumbe from Plumbe Joinery & Construction for his exceptional joinery work.
Time to complete:Feb 18 2010 - Mar 09 2010
Special thanks to the following companies,
trades & individuals:

Better Tiles / Tiling Supplies
Elicho Tiling Pty Ltd / Tiling
EM Signs (Aust) Pty Ltd - Signage & Installation
Ian York
K&J Super Interior Pty Ltd / Gyprocking
Lunna Plumbing / Hydraulics
Roger Boueiri
Master Glass Industries / Furniture
Glenn Smith & Lorraine Masling
New England Glass / Windows & Doors, Balusrtade & Mirrors
Andrew Inman
Plumbe Joinery & Construction / Joinery
Robert Plumbe
RKM Electrical / Electrical, Data & Phone
Yannakis Richard
Rose Valley Steel Works / Structural Steel work
Tech Sound / Audio Video
Peter Smith
Vegagroup project team
Evin - Site Supervisor
Louis - Painting Team
Steve - Quality Control
Katrina Meyer - Headoffice Support
Evin posted this on 10/03.

KFC Armidale is one of many KFC restaurants undergoing the famous 10 year remodel.Our self set challenge was to successfully complete the project in 4 weeks, fully 2 weeks before official handover.The KFC red is much more dominant now in comparison to the previous restaurant's design.The new exit area is now clearly defined with bright linemarking.KFC communal dining.KFC Armidale restaurant's staff are ready for the store opening at 11am.KFC Armidale restaurant before the refurbishment.The old KFC restaurant structure being dismantled.Basically the old restaurant was completely stripped.Clearing up rubbles in preparation for the concrete works.Pouring concrete for the new back of house area.Installing the blue board feature cladding sheeting.Vegagroup leading hand team in the middle of the action. Evin, our site supervisor is in the middle back row.Richard Yannakis (RKM Electrical) delivers fine & exact electrical work. He identified and removed old circuits, installed lighting, power & emergency circuits as well as data & phone.Earl busy tiling the kitchen area.Protective covering helped to keep the newly installed fixtures protected.Evin, Vegagroup Site Supervisor always kept tabs on what's ahead.
Wilson Parking
January 2010
Client:Wilson Parking
Project Management:Vegagroup
Brief:Painting & general works
Info:When it comes to makeovers, this would take the prize in weight, breadth and results. Wilson Parking's P155 is located in the vicinity of the Rocks & Circular Quay, where thousands of tourists and locals trod its stone pebbled streets day and night in search of Sydney’s lost treasures.
So imagine a live busy environment, incessantly in motion and contemplate how to execute a makeover with the highest safety precautions while simultaneously deliver outstanding results in record times.
Vegagroup approached this project with excitement but careful scheduling. Considering the breadth that needed coverage, four Vegagroup teams were instigated to engage the situation. The Safety Team cautiously overseeing and managing pedestrians around the hot work spots, the Electrical Team looking after the re-tubing of the entire complex, the Painting Team expertly painting every wall surface, plinths & gutters and re-instating line-markings, and finally the Maintenance Team looking after everything in between, from pressure washing entry & exit floors and drainage systems to the nuts & bolts of fixing doors and various items.
The Safety Team performed with the precision of a clock work, carefully monitoring and providing the safety accoutrements in the form of temporary traffic control signs hauled on a specially equipped vehicle. This provided immediate traffic management tools to attract attention to our workers and ensuring their safety as well as everyone else.
Our work extended beyond the carpark’s normal operating hours, making sure we provided a fast turnaround and handover to Wilson Parking’s operations.
Congratulations to our various teams for their exemplary co-ordination and tandem co-operation.
Time to complete:Jan 2010
Louis posted this on 06/01.

Wilson Parking logo.
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